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electriczax -> Exchange server name problem (4.Feb.2013 10:01:50 AM)

We needed to renew the way our firm works and we bought Exchange 2010. The guys that sold it to us made the installation and everything seemed good at first. But at some point we realized that we can't send e-mails to specific domains. The reason turned out to be Reversed PTR (if I remember correctly). Here's the thing:
Our server can be accessed online via and it responds to a specific IP address. It's all cool. But when we send an e-mail instead of this address the server uses his local name - exchange.servername.local. And the recipient's server says that it's a wrong name and rejects the e-mail (after 2-3 days of bouncing). We asked the guys to change it so to has a priority, but they says they can't do it. That's why I'm asking here. Can someone help me?

pjhutch -> RE: Exchange server name problem (10.Feb.2013 5:36:29 PM)

In Exchange 2010 ESM in the Organisation configuration, check the Email Address Policy and make sure that the correct Email format is used for mailboxes. e.g.

Also check the allowed/authorised email domains are configured as well.

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