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dallandra -> large email size, but missing attachment (7.Feb.2013 6:01:58 PM)

Hi Guys,
having an issue where a 3rd party is sending a daily distribution email to a number of our users. this daily email contains a few lines of text and always has an attachment of approx. 1MB.

this arrangement has been working for months, but for the last 2 weeks the emails have been coming in to each of our subscribed users without the attachment. yet, the mail size in outlook says it's 1MB. i've checked in OWA (to exclude any issues with outlook compatibility) and the attachment also is not present

i've read this article and it refers to emails sent from outlook in RTF and not displaying in outlook express. however we use outlook 2003/2007 (exchange 2003).

we also use a mail screener service SeccomGlobal, which sits outside our org. and filters spam/does virus checks etc, before forwarding the email onto us. they have said the email arrives at their end without an attachment, and consequently forward the same email onto our org. so i deduce simply that it's not something on our end causing this problem.

interestingly however, when a user from the sender's-end sends the attachment in an email manually from their own mailbox, it arrives in it's entirety at our end. again, if it's sent from their automated distribution list then it comes through without attachment but with a email size (1MB) indicating it at one stage had it??

also SMTP headers in the received email (that doesn't have attachment) does state that it was sent with attachment. as you can appreciate from this information, the sender is saying it's not their problem

any advice??

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