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boora -> Two Dags Replication (16.Feb.2013 12:22:53 PM)

Hi all,
We need to implement active/active users senario in two data center.

-In first datacenter will have: A MB server (Active) , B MB (Passive) , CAS server.

-In second datacenter will have: C MB server ( Pssive copy of A MB) , D MB (Active of B MB ) , CAS array.

after some studying we get to know that if we want active/active on two location on the same time we should have more than 1 DAG. So will have TWO DAG's ; the 1'ST Dag member will be (A MB Server from data center one and C MB server from datacenter 2)..

The 2'nd DAG member will be ( B MB server from datacenter one and D MB from datacenter 2).

Thw question how to make replication between the two DAG's.. If we will add any new user mailbox on mailbox server in dag one, how it will replicate with mailbox server in dag 2 .

Waiting for your kind help.. and if there is any mistake in my senario.


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