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ericwi -> Outlook anywhere and certificate (11.Apr.2013 8:49:46 PM)

Hi all,

Recently, I renewed my exchange certificate due to the fact it was expiring. All was good but for users who were using outlook anywhere or RPC over HTTP, it always prompt the security alert of untrusted site every different network they connect to, even after they have installed the new certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Is there a way to resolve this?

Thanks for all suggestions and solutions.


mohammed.yusuf -> RE: Outlook anywhere and certificate (12.Apr.2013 3:24:39 AM)

have you removed the old certificates from clients pc and reimport it.

ericwi -> RE: Outlook anywhere and certificate (12.Apr.2013 4:21:10 AM)

Thanks for replying,

Pardon for not providing more information. The user is using win7 home 64-bit. Could this be the cause?

mohammed.yusuf -> RE: Outlook anywhere and certificate (12.Apr.2013 4:45:56 AM)

if you are getting a certificate error then we can isolate and troubleshoot it by going to certificates and remove the old relevant certificates from computer and import the new certificate but if you have got a certificate from a 3rd Party trusted authority then you might not even need to import it. It does not matter OS version in this case.

John Weber -> RE: Outlook anywhere and certificate (12.Apr.2013 9:32:10 AM)

Did the name on the certificate change? If so, you may have to reset the outlook expr. get-outlookprovider will show you what the expr is set to; if the certprincipalname is different from what you have on the server, the client will have issues.

ericwi -> RE: Outlook anywhere and certificate (14.Apr.2013 11:35:30 PM)

Thanks for all the reply. Please keep suggestions coming.

So far, we have not purchased any third party certificate. We use self-signed certificate since we started using Exchange 07 and it worked perfectly ie remote users are able to connect without any hiccups. The problem started when we renewed the certificate since it was expiring.

One queer problem I have with this user using Win7 home edition 64-bit is when the user is at home, he would have to install the certificate into the trusted store whenever he started using outlook at the first time, subsequently, the outlook will not prompt for certificate installation even he shutdowns his notebook and start the system again.

Once, he is out of his home and connect himself onto another network, say office, the system will prompt for certificate installation when he fired up his outlook first thing when he starts his notebook. Again, it will not prompt the user to install again until he is on different network.

It seems there is a relation between where you access outlook and the network you are using.

Any thoughts?

Haider01 -> RE: Outlook anywhere and certificate (6.Oct.2014 11:20:14 AM)

ActiveSync can be implemented to sync to the local mailbox instead of the Exchange server. So Exchange syncs to the mailbox

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