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wavegeek -> When to add another Mailbox role server (16.Apr.2013 2:13:31 PM)

We have an Exchange 2010 environment that constitutes 1200 users between 4 databases and 2 databases that function holding email with the archive featue in Exchange 2010. We have a total of about 600GB of data. The Exchange environment exists of a single Exchange Mailbox role server running Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise, with 20GB of RAM and disk located on our EVA4400 SAN on the backend. We also have a Client Access/Hub transport server that has 12GB of RAM. These are both VMs. My general question...when does one decide to add a second mailbox server? We are not doing a DAG or CAS array. As far as I am concerned, performance is adequate.


de.blackman -> RE: When to add another Mailbox role server (19.Apr.2013 8:34:10 AM)

I think most individuals will setup multiple servers for redundancy reasons or performance reasons. I Have a client that has approximately 10,000 mailboxes running off 2 Exchange servers (both servers running the 3 roles and mailboxes being replicated between the two servers). As long as you have spec'ed out the servers appropriately, you'll have no issues.

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