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Lareau -> URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (16.May2013 8:40:43 AM)

I did what should have never been done ... start ESEutil with no backup !
Long story short, I m using VMware for all my servers. Exchange server has 2 VMDK, 1 for Windows installation and 1 for Exchange installation + mailboxes.
I use VEEAM as my backup system.

On May 8th, my .EDB got corrupted.. can't tell why but no one could connect to it with Outlook. If I restart Microsoft Exchange Information store service, it worked in outlook for 20 secondes and failed again.
So I had to start my backup plan .. but in my bad luck. the backup did not work for the last 3 days.
So I started the replica server anyway wich was 3 days old.

In an insurance company, a LOT happens by email in 3 days ...

Well, with my old production server close, I detached my VMDK drive with the exchange installation and attached it to an other server to restore the lost mail/calander.

I tried a bunch of programs like Ontrack Poweroncontrols which was able to see all my maiboxes and emails/calander. So everything was good then, but I had to buy the product.
I contacted a company which have an "expert" for every programme, and so they have one for Exchange.
He said he can restore it without the use of a program.

So he logged into my server and started the process... ESEutil /R ... went fast seams to have consolidated all the logs to the EDB, but the log files are all still there, so he started a ESEutil /P.
In my luck, the server decided to do windows update that night and restarted the server while the ESEutil /P was still running.
So we started it again in the morning. After 48h running (88Gb and 3963 logs) it was way too long and been waiting to much time for this, we decieded to buy that famous Ontrack program.
So I stopped the ESEutil process and tried again the Ontrack free version before I buy it, to find out that it cannot do a thing now, the EDB seams completly corrumpted.
Ontrack would charge me between 3000 and 7000$ to recover it.

There should be a program out there or a way to restore it ? please help !!

Before the ESEutil /P, I did a snapshot of my VM to make sure I can revert back to its original stat, but it seams that the corruption cannot be reverted back !

Thank you,
Martin L.

Gulab -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (16.May2013 9:05:19 AM)

The only option you have is to run /P and /D and then ISINTEG on the database.
The good part is, you had the backup before running the /P on the database.

Just for the future reference

I would love to help you in this...send me an email gulab@exchangeranger.com

Lareau -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (16.May2013 9:13:57 AM)

"The good part is, you had the backup before running the /P on the database"
Yes I had a backup but 3 days old ...
At least we did not lost EVERYTHING, but I really would like to repair the EDB and fin all those lost email and calendar added during these 3 days.

So you think leaving the ESEutil /P running for 72h and more is fine ?

I started a demo version of Enstella Exchange Recovery Software yesterday and it is still running.
I thought I would leave it running this time and see what it does.. what do you think ?

Gulab -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (16.May2013 9:25:56 AM)

I didn't meant 3 day old backup, I was referring to .EDB files.
I hope you still have that .EDB file on which you ran /P earlier.

If you noticed that article, it tells you the approximate speed to /P and /D and again it all depends on the level of corruption in the database.
/P runs at the rate of 4-6 GB per hours. And /D runs 6-8 GB per hour.
As you are running Exchange 2007 which is x64 bit architect hence it will run faster.

About the Enstella Exchange Recovery, I haven't worked on it before, hence I don't know how much time it will take to finish...

Did you copied the .EDB file before running this tool?

Lareau -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (16.May2013 9:32:15 AM)

No I did not do a backup again before running this tool since I really thought the EDB is totally corrupted.

I still have that EDB file containing all the email, but have no backup of this file at all.

I saw the article saying it's 4-6Gb per hours .. but after little math, 88Gb was suppose to take 22 hours at 4Gb/hours. so after 48 hours I stopped it. but the task manager was still showinf a usage of 50% of the processor for the tool.

What do you suggest for me right now ?
Stopping the tool I m running now, doing a backup of the EDB and run the ESEutil /P again "hoping" it will solve the error now after 72h+ ?

Gulab -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (16.May2013 9:37:30 AM)

As I said before, It's not necessary that it will take 22 hours to complete. It all depends the level of corruption in the database. And being a 64 bit architect, it will take less time.

Anyways...No, do not stop the tool as it's been running since long time...We can run the /P from any other server (preferably 644 bit server) side by site, only after copy the database file to other location as Backup.
Since how long the tool is running?
By the way, I was expecting your email...

GaryDangelo75 -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (8.May2014 5:41:27 AM)

You may try this advance and popular exchange server edb recovery tool, this tool not only fixes the corrupted or damaged items in .edb files (both priv.edb and pub.edb) but also allows users to export data from edb file to .pst files. http://bit.ly/1QvJlkZ
You just try the free trial version and get the results.

amanda_lakai -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (27.May2014 10:46:45 PM)

The inbuilt repair utilities are a great way to repair the corrupt exchange databases. But due to their limitations they fail to perform recovery in many situations.
Instead of recovering your data they can cause data loss and lead you to critical data loss situations.

So, the professionals always advise to make a copy of the corrupt database before running any recovery tool over that.

Well, if the inbuilt repair utilities have failed then, you need some powerful exchange recovery solution.

Here I would like to recommend: “Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery” software.

To know more about the software features and download its free demo version, go to:

WayneTaylor -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (3.Jul.2014 10:54:27 PM)

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BobKennedy -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (9.Jul.2014 8:14:17 AM)

You can also try this application to perform such task, Use Free version, Check results and saves them. Here is the application. http://bit.ly/1OuqlwI

guilplaza -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (8.Sep.2014 1:14:34 PM)

Looking for individual solutions to fix different issues is quite tricky. This way, it is wise to use EDB to PST **** Toolbox that is all-in-one and comprehensive solution to fix almost all issues and recover Exchange EDB Mailbox data back. If you want, you can convert EDB file to PST file with in few clicks.

MS Exchange Server witnesses exchange of information in large volume in most large-scale organizations. Hence, corruption issues in Exchange Database (EDB) files are not uncommon. Even EDB files are damaged due to which mailbox data becomes inaccessible for the users.

In such type of circumstances, only option is left is mounting the corrupt or damaged EDB offline database and recover the same into Outlook PST file format.it is always wise to perform all the
recovery tasks of Exchange Server with EDB to PST Conversion utility that effortlessly performs these tasks within a while.

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MichaelRobert -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (18.Sep.2014 10:48:35 PM)

Exchange EDB recovery software is the best resolution in the circumstances like Exchange corruption because it enables to recover Exchange with entire data. With the help of Exchange EDB to PST **** program users can effortlessly convert Exchange to Outlook PST file with overall data present in it. Exchange mailbox recovery program assent to export mailbox from EDB to PST with whole email, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes etc. get more info :- http://www.undeletepcfiles.com/exchange-edb-recovery-tool.html

ronniepaul -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (2.Feb.2015 1:31:25 AM)

Eseutil command is used to repair the EDB file But if you have highly corrupted pages in the EDB file, Eseutil will completly delete those pages and may result in information loss, Thats why it is not preferred by userts. Try to go with third party utility to solve the issue

Thanks & Regards
Ronnie Paul

jamesrodey -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (25.Jun.2015 5:44:14 AM)

Users need to backup the edb, logs, and stm files before running eseutil /r or eseutil /p repair command line tools to fix the Exchange dirty shutdown error. Make sure that your hard disk has 110 % free space before running these inbuilt utilites. ESEUTIL /p is a last resort utility that is only run when databases will not mount due to inconsistency or serious issues in databases. If this hard repair methods does not work, then you may take help from a third party software.

bensonclark -> RE: URGENT: EDB corrupted by eseutil /P (28.Oct.2015 2:01:15 AM)

Get more effective professional edb to pst conversion software, you can use third-party software, RecoveryFix for Exchange Server Recovery Tool. his software easy to recover emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. from corrupt EDB files. It can supported all update version of MS Exchange Server 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 / 2000. Reference link - http://www.exchangeedbtopst.net/

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