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GBCMark -> Setup Internet Mail in Exchange (22.May2013 4:12:19 PM)

I am new to Exchange although I have setup many other networks. I have an organization where we need to take the email that is being hosted by our website provider/host, and put the mail on our Exchange 2010 server. We want to keep the same domain name.

I need suggestions on making this happen in the least complicated manner. Each client (5 total) is using Outlook 2003, with Windows 7 OS. The server running Exchange 2010 is Windows Server 2008 SP1, not R2. I have read of issues with Outlook 2003. Maybe I could put Outlook 2007 on each machine if needed.

Other equipment includes; "server1" is the DC server. "server2" is the IIS server hosting our "" domain that we use for allowing some of the organization members to log in to a browser based database. Both of these run Windows Server 2008R2. "server3" is added as our Exchange server.

My desired result will be current web-host still hosts "" website. But our Exchange server will carry "" email. We will also continue hosting "".

Appreciate any and all suggestions.

mohammed.yusuf -> RE: Setup Internet Mail in Exchange (23.May2013 3:02:34 PM)

You have got good setup so far but I would recommend to use outlook 2007/2010 and you do need a firewall and good antispam/AV either built in on your server or separate depend on your IT budget.

GBCMark -> RE: Setup Internet Mail in Exchange (23.May2013 4:04:52 PM)

I used an Exchange checklist for hardware. I really need to know where to start in the Exchange Management Console, as far as bringing the domain "" in as an email domain for Exchange, while keeping our website for same at it's current host.

One thing I didn't mention is that I have this server facing the Internet on it's own static IP address. My intention is to have our service provider point the MX record to our static IP address of this server.

If that is correct, then I really need to know where to start at the server. Also will I need to give each user a new mail profile on their system in order to point to the exchange server? Or will their Outlook just find it automatically?

My whole purpose in getting Exchange up and running is the shared calendars. I know I could have done that for far less money and effort, but the solution we tried using Google Calendars didn't work and is completely unreliable. We are a non-profit so we were able to get Exchange and licenses very inexpensively. If there is a way to use the shared calendars without doing anything with email, I would like to know how to go about doing that.

mohammed.yusuf -> RE: Setup Internet Mail in Exchange (23.May2013 4:11:20 PM)

Outlook client would find your exchange through your internal DNS server. You can use your static public IP address for MX record and point your internal DNS to your exchange server. But my recommendation is to use that public address on either software TMG firewall or Cisco firewall and create a rule to forward your incoming emails to exchange server. Get 3rd party certificate for your exchange server as well.

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