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deanc -> Exchange 2007 Reinstall - Mail troubles (19.Jun.2013 3:50:07 AM)

Let me just start off and say, I have little knowledge of Exchange usually only provide general IT Support to the company I work with.

Due to drive failure, we had to reinstall Server 2008 and Exchange 2007 as we have been unable to restore directly from the backups that were taken. I've pulled together whatever guides from the net that I could to do the install and we can now send and receive mail internally.

However, we cannot send or receive any external mail. There are no mail failure notifications popping up and I believe the mail is reaching the exchange server, it just isn't doing anything with it.

Has anyone got any advice I could follow to try and resolve the issue. I know there are very little details but at this point, I am unsure as to what you would need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


zbnet -> RE: Exchange 2007 Reinstall - Mail troubles (19.Jun.2013 3:58:31 AM)

I suggest you ring Microsoft (PSS).

deanc -> RE: Exchange 2007 Reinstall - Mail troubles (19.Jun.2013 4:53:15 AM)

Thanks for the quick response.

I was trying to keep that as a last resort as the cost involved is rather large.

Do you think it's an absolute necessity that I call or just because of the lack of experience.


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