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hashknife -> 2010 Licensing (1.Jul.2013 5:02:49 PM)

I'm looking to upgrade from Exchange 2003 SP2 to Exchange 2010. I've read through some of the licensing matrixes and have come away more confused than when I started. I understand the server license part for a single server. But, what do I need for a basic two-node cluster with one node as stand-by? I have a max of 80 users/mailboxes. The CAL's are a bit more confusing. I don't think I need anything fancy, just four Blackberry devices and the rest are standard mailboxes.

Thanks in advance.

Bryant C Mothershed
(Just an old cowboy that wound up in IT)

jveldh -> RE: 2010 Licensing (2.Jul.2013 1:39:15 AM)

Hi Brian

Each Exchange server requires a valid OS and Exchange license. Depending on the amount of databases you will need either the standard (max 5 db's) or enterprise license.
Assuming you will use multi role servers this is what you need for the server side.

For the client side it depends on which features you are enabling for the users. But in most cases the standard call will be sufficient.
But I recommend to have a look at the license sheet to find out if you don't need enterprise call features.

Cal info can be found on the site below:



hashknife -> RE: 2010 Licensing (2.Jul.2013 12:20:46 PM)

Thanks Johan.

Bryant C Mothershed

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