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zahoorr -> Exchange Site resilance setup (7.Jul.2013 2:46:14 AM)

thanks for the information.I have a query please .
I had DAG configured between the Two Datacenters. Each data center has one Exchange Server 2010.
Everything was fine DAG was created successfully.
But later due to some third party tool i had to deconfigure DAG. I removed the DAG memebers and and deleted the DAG group. After taht i was not able to mount the Exhchange dataases on both of the servers. (i followed some procedure to unconfigure the DAG] But still was not able to mount the Exchange DATAbase. then i came across the command which says remove configuration only and rebooted the server and exchange databases were mounted.
i see the cluster service is disabled but there are still events related to DAG appearing in server event logs.
I have typical installation on exchange 2010 server on both sites.

How to achive the site resilience between the sites [ two exchange servers. i mean for all roles. for exchange db DAG and how can i achieve the site resilience for client server role and hub transport roles. {whithout any laod balanceer solutions.
I have created client array for both exchage servers [ both site]. clients on Main site are able to connect using the CAS array. How can i swith the user to other DR site client Server and Hub transport server services in case the main site exchange server is down.
I have gone through google, but lost.



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