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natharza -> Backup Exchange server (13.Jul.2013 2:27:43 AM)

Hi there
Is there a way to implement second exchange server in an organization that will act as a backup. If the primary exchange server fails then the backup will come to play providing high availability like additional domain controller in AD environment.
Please share in detail as I am a novice in exchange environment.

backupknowledge -> RE: Backup Exchange server (13.Jul.2013 3:48:38 AM)

hello natharza,

Do not worry,

Yes there is some good tools to keep exchange server backup like this one :

With this tool you can backup and recover exchange mailboxes also, and it support also exchange 2013 latest version. You can try also free demo version first.

ostrecovery -> RE: Backup Exchange server (3.Aug.2013 1:58:14 PM)

try best solutions for u

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