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imran001 -> Exchange Server Full mirror or Alternate (15.Jul.2013 3:37:40 AM)

Hello Sir,

I have Exchange1 with TBs of data, a lots of connectors, hub transports, mailbox databases and much more,
my question is; how can I create like a mirror or full copy of my exchange1 in a new server exchange 2 that any changes come in exchange1 it saves automatically in exchang2 under-spot or like mirror and when Exchange1 goes downs like it born or damage or anything happens that it goes down forever for long time but exchange2 works instead of it and have all those TBs of data,all connectors, hub transports, mailbox databases simply Exchange2 works as Exchange1. I use DAG but its very limited it saves only Mailbox database that is it, not connectors , hub transports and other settings.

Please help me I am searching from long time.

Imran from Afghanistan

jveldh -> RE: Exchange Server Full mirror or Alternate (27.Aug.2013 1:18:57 PM)

Hi Inram,

Why not creating two multi role servers with amd external file share witness. In this case the organization settings are shared by both servers. Only per server you will need to create the receive connectors, external url's etc. To make the databases high available use a DAG this will give you the possibility to have multiple copies of a database, in your case 2. The File share witness can be installed on any other domain joined server (no domain controller!). If one of the servers goes down the database will be activated in the other server.

Place both servers in a cas array. If both servers are located in the same datacenter you can place them behind a load balancer to load balance client access and smtp traffic.

If you need more info let me know.


Gulab -> RE: Exchange Server Full mirror or Alternate (11.Dec.2013 2:23:28 PM)

You just have to create DAG to answer your question,

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