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johnrem -> Logon Name & Child Domain Suffix (23.Jul.2013 7:05:04 AM)

Hello Experts,

I have an interesting dilemma. I've set up a test environment like this.

Forest/Domain Functional Level: 2003 native
Rootdomain: zforestroot.local
child-domain1: domain.child01
child-domain2: domain.child02

Built on this platform I have a working Exchange 2007 Organization on both the child domains.

Then I've set up the Organization's first Exchange 2013 servers with one server set up for the Mailbox role and another for the CAS and management role.

I've followed the domain preparation steps prescribed by Microsoft here:
Prepare Active Directory and Domains
and it went well (I think so because it ran without any errors)

Everything was going smoothly, I can get the mail routing fine between 2007 and 2013 systems, I can move mailboxes back and forth, and other stuff that you would try after a fresh Exchange installation. But one thing struck my attention.


If you see the image in the above link, when I try to create an account, the only available logon name domain suffix is the root domain zforestroot.local
Although if I view the properties of the mailboxes that I moved from the Ex2007, I can see the child domain name suffix at their account. This added up to my confusion.

NewMailbox_2007_Screenshot < if you see here in the Exchange 2007 console, I have the option to create the account under the child domain which works as I expect it to.

If I do proceed creating the account in Ex2013 under the root domain, the email address policy would take effect and the account's email address would be the child domain's. however, the logon name would be user@zforestroot.local and that wouldn't work out for the end user.

After tinkering around, I found out that I can edit the domain suffix via Active Directory Users and Computers under the account tab. This method, although proves to be a workaround, is not very efficient if I were to create every mailbox in Ex2013 this way.

I may have missed something while deploying the Exchange 2013 system. I would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you!

mgerwing -> RE: Logon Name & Child Domain Suffix (19.Feb.2014 7:02:54 PM)

Did you ever sort this out? I currently have installed Exchange 2013 (new install) with child domains and having a similar issue. Comments appreciated.

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