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rich872 -> DAG setup for new exchange 2013 deployment (13.Aug.2013 1:20:31 PM)

Trying to architect out my exch 2013 environment and would like some input. We have two sites. One active site then our DR site. We want to implement an Active/Passive scenario as we have no users at the DR site, it would only be activated in a real disaster scenario. We will have 8 mailbox servers after our calculations using the storage calculator. So, one Dag split across the WAN, 8 mb servers at primary site, each with one active copy and one passive copy of a mb database. Then in our DR site, we would have another 4 mb servers each with a passive copy of a mb database on it. Using the Suspend-MailboxDatabaseCopy, we would set the DR site db copies to never activate unless we do it manually. Is this the best or most efficient way to do this? Is there any benefit/reason at all to split this up into two DAGs split across the WAN? So each dag would have 4 servers here in primary site and two servers in DR site. Or should we definitely keep this to one DAG split across the WAN if possible? This will be my first Exchange implementation and would really like some feedback and/or recommendations from some of the experts out there. Thanks in advance.

MikkyHarren -> RE: DAG setup for new exchange 2013 deployment (1.Oct.2014 6:46:32 AM)

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