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djj66 -> Accepted domain on Edge Transport Server (26.Aug.2013 7:41:30 AM)

Hi everyone,
Apologies for the newbie question...

I've just made an installation of Exchange 2007, with an Edge Transport server, and then a main server with Hub Transport, Mailbox and Client Access roles...

I have got incoming email running OK, routed correctly from the Edge Transport to the Hub Transport.

I can get the Outgoing mail working from Hub Transport to Edge, but only if I add an "Accepted domain" on the Edge Transport server of "*". But I think this is not only bad practice, but a potential security black hole.

If I remove the accepted domain of * on the Edge Transport Server, then I can't route mail from HT to ET. Using Telnet to send a test email from HT Server to ET, I get an error message of "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay".

So my question is - what should the accepted domains be on the Edge transport. Should there be any at all? should it be just my company domain, or should it really be *?

And if I should only have my company domain as the accepted domain, can anyone give any pointers as to why I can't email from HT to ET and get the relay error.

BTW, I am not using the Edge Synchronisation feature, I am manually configuring the send and receive connectors on the HT and ET Servers.

Many thanks in advance!

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