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Silvan -> Iphone disapearing NEW calendar items (10.Sep.2013 2:40:46 PM)


I'm having an issue with the CEO of the company. Whenever he creates a new calendar item on his iphone, it shows up for about 30 seconds, sometimes more, sometimes less. After that it disapears and is only accessible via outlook or owa, or other mobile devices (ipad).

Things i've tried:

Removed active sync profile and re-added
Removed ALL other mobile devices in exchange (2 iphones, 2 ipads)
Added just 1 iphone for testing
Also removed his delegate to rule out any conflict there.

I can re-produce the issue over and over, i've enable the logging in OWA but everything looks the same when comparing to another use.

The same issue happens on BOTH iphones, but not the ipads. Really not sure what to do next, I haven't done a complete wipe of the phone as that isn't going over too well and since the same issue is on two different phones it's hard to blame the device itself. One is an iphone 4, the other an iphone 5 with all software up to date.

Any input would be appreciated before I go the next step and contact Microsoft support.

THis is only for New items added on the iphone.

Silvan -> RE: Iphone disapearing NEW calendar items (11.Sep.2013 7:47:08 AM)

After some additional testing, I was able to re-produce the issue on the IPad as well. The user had initially told me the issue wasn't happening on the ipad so I didn't test it at first however after a few hours of working on it yesterday I added just the ipad device to the exchange profile and the same issue occured.
Could this be a permission issue of any kind? Don't understand how several different devices can do the same thing for one user, we have lots of other users that are using activesync - iphones, ipads.

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