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7cups -> Stange Outlook issue (remote) (19.Sep.2013 5:57:46 AM)

Hi All,

Ive setup my first ever exchange 2010 (SBS2011) and users are able to send and receive email without any poblem....untill

Several of the users asked if they could use outlook on their home devices to connect to their mailboxes.

So you follow the very simple setup in outlook 2010 and everything is discovered via autodiscover, but for some reason it populates the server address as its internal hostname "hostname.domain.local" so although the setup goes fine, outlook itself cant conect the server.

Im at a loss with this one, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

mohammedminhaj47 -> RE: Stange Outlook issue (remote) (19.Sep.2013 7:43:51 AM)


Is your SSL Certificate is Installed & Configured Properly in Exchange Server if not then try installing the SSL Certificate it resolves your problem

Mohammed Minhaj Ahmed

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