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Gman0941 -> New Setup to Existing Network (22.Oct.2013 9:54:34 AM)

Hey guys, Ok new job with existing Exchange 2010 setup. Two servers with DAG. Only one has the Transport layer and is doing all of the mail flow in and out. There is a management server to manage the DAG. The main server is over loaded and I need to put in some relief. So I was thinking putting in two more servers to be used for transport only and put them in from the DMZ (once the DMZ is built! LOL) Good Idea? Yes but is it the best idea? There is no limits on mailboxes so we have a lot of storage to deal with. That too will be corrected but for now I need o take the load off the main server. Or should I build two servers put them in there own DAG and split the databases and then put in two front end servers with the transport layer? They are all VMs and I have the lic so that is not an issue. This is my first experience with this type of network and could really use some direction on this. As of now the two servers have 12 gig memory and a single socket CPU with two cores. Any input is welcome.



Gulab -> RE: New Setup to Existing Network (11.Dec.2013 2:15:20 PM)

If your requirement is just to release the load from Hub Transport server then you just need to install new exchange 2010 Hub Transport server and that's it.

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