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ijaved -> Dag - Witness question (23.Oct.2013 1:20:55 PM)


We have Site 1 and Site 2. Site 1 has Witness server.

DAG between 2 sites and only 2 mailbox servers.

Site 1 is going down cause of power issue so my Mailbox + Witness will go down.

Question is if I failover to site 2 for dag and put Site 1 mailbox server in dag maintenance mode and shutdown both mailbox and witness would I have split brain issue? when I bring them back up?

Or should I move my witness server roles to Site 2 ?

Its a scheduled shutdown so I would have time to put them in maintenance mode.

ijaved -> RE: Dag - Witness question (23.Oct.2013 2:46:38 PM)

A two-member DAG with a witness server provides three quorum voters. (Each DAG member and the witness server can vote whenever they are available and in communication.) Therefore, a two-member DAG can survive the failure or outage of a single voter (for example, either of the DAG members, or just the witness server) without an interruption in service. However, the loss of two of the voters (for example, a DAG member and the witness server) will result in a loss of quorum, which will result in an interruption in service.

Two-Member DAG in Single Datacenter/Active Directory Site

Found the answer :D

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