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eholz1 -> migrate 2007 to 2013 - Mimecast filter (30.Oct.2013 12:29:09 PM)

Hello All,
Great post in the ex 2007 to 2013 (the 10 part article). This has been
very helpful, including the report generating script!

I have question - our migration is not quite straight forward.
The email for the Ex2007 server goes first to Mimecast for filtering
and then is sent on to the Ex2007 server. This server uses connectors set to mimecast servers. The process for migration specified by Microsoft, says we need to rename (create a new) the host (the current name is mail.mydomain.com - for email) I assume this has nothing to do with the server name in the lan. Our local domain mydomain.local, and the server is named: ex2007.mydomain.local. Can I assume we create a "new" domain: legacy.mydomain.com, and then add or use an existing A record and then point it thru mimecast back to the server? I will guess the new Exchange 2013 server will use mail.mydomain.com, and we will use the mimecast settings to point to the new server. I hope this makes sense.
any info will help,

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