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96Primera -> Using Basic & windows integrate auth. (7.Nov.2013 12:52:54 PM)

Ok so i ran into a weird issue.

I have FBA disabled(so that TMG works) & when using only Basic auth everything works fine.

however when i try to use basic & Windows Auth, it breaks ECP & OWA (sort of)

right now to go to ECP or OWA the URL is (or owa) & this works fine with Basic.

however when adding windows auth, i can no longer access the ECP or OWA site, i get 3 login screens & upon the 3rd it just sits @ a white screen (all 3 windows look as if a wrong UN or PW was given)

however i noticed that i can go to https://localhost/ecp/ directly on the server & it works, or https://servername.domain.local/ecp & that also works...

anyone know why or where i can/should check as to why i cannot access it via when windows auth is enabled?

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