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jonleisten -> WNLB for Hub Transports not so balanced (20.Nov.2013 5:18:26 PM)

Whenever I check the message queues on each of our two production Exchange 2010 Hub Transport servers I always find the number of message queues extremely lopsided.

During peak messaging hours, I might check them and find queue numbers in the 500-600 range on one server and only 100-150 on the other. When most of the messages have been delivered and there are nothing but retry queues on each, I'll find 200+ queues on one and maybe 20-30 on the other.

Is this how WNLB works in the Exchange environment? I understand there are hardware load balancers that are probably better suited to the task but I'd like to know if this is considered "normal".

I can't possibly provide enough detail to illustrate everything that goes on in our Exchange deployment to be helpful but, we have around 600 mailboxes and we probably send/receive 120,000 unique messages a day. Our HT servers are also our CAS servers and both servers have 24 GB of memory and a pair of 150 GB 15K rpm drives - these are HP ProLiant DL380 G7 servers with two quad-core 2.8 GHz Xeon CPUs...

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