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Milew23 -> How to sync addressbook with phone? (12.Dec.2013 8:39:53 AM)

Hello, where I work, we set everyone up with driods. All are backed up with a google account, where we can import contacts, but if contacts are added via active directory (which adds them in exchange) they don't sync with the phone.

How can I get all of the exchange contacts/address book to sync on the phone, so that when contacts are added or updated, they do so on the phone. Please tell me this is possible, doing it with google doesn't update or add new contacts added through exchange.

The contacts do not even sync, and it is selected to sync. We really need to addressbook to sync, or is there a way to migrate the address book into the contacts? This really shouldn't be that difficult? Why would there be a mobile version that doesn't allow contacts to sync? We have to use google, but nothing updates, except manually and we have over 400 employees

Milew23 -> RE: How to sync addressbook with phone? (16.Dec.2013 1:47:51 PM)

Why can I not sync my Global Address Book? When I add info via active directory, it updates in the GAB, not in the contact list, and the contact list is what shows on the phone....and is what we need to update as we add info!!!!! Why isn't this possible? That isn't "syncing" that is just refreshing what is already there! We have around 500 employees, and having to log into each of there emails and add new contacts manually is NOT ok.

How do I sync my droid with exchange's GAB? Like I said, I can copy all of the GAB to contacts, but that doesn't do anything? It doesn't update in there when you add or change information....Pleas, please, please, tell me I am crazy and just missing one little thing, because if not, this exchange is worthless.

Milew23 -> RE: How to sync addressbook with phone? (24.Dec.2013 10:00:48 AM)

I sweat to all things holy, I cannot for the life of me, get an answer to this, and it's driving me crazy

Milew23 -> RE: How to sync addressbook with phone? (12.Feb.2014 7:19:11 AM)

So glad this is such a helpful forum, with tons of people willing to give advice...what a joke

shriharinanu -> RE: How to sync addressbook with phone? (6.Jan.2015 11:35:32 PM)

Very informative Share. I am also in need this question for a long time.

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