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james175 -> Personal Archive, Outlook 2013, and Terminal Server (12.Dec.2013 12:13:44 PM)

We are currently attempting to get our users away from using PST files and instead use the Personal Online Archive feature but have come across a problem

Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Server)
Office 2013
Citrix 6.5 XenApp

So on the Exchange side I went through the steps of setting up my PST use as a guinea pig for testing. I was able to setup the Archive database, enable archiving on my mailbox, and import my PST into the Archive database.

I then opened OUtlook 2013 on my stand-alone PC and there was my Online Archive. Great!
I then double checked and also saw it on the OWA site on the Exchange server. Super!

I finally logged into our RDS (Terminal) server and opened OUtlook 2013 there. But the Online archive was not there. Hmmm..

I did some researching and this article about OUtlook 2010 suggested it was a permission issue:

So I ran through those steps in Powershell but no change.

I also don't think it's a licensing issue because the license I have on my stand-alone PC is the same volume license keys (MAK) as on my Terminal Server.

Soo... I'm a bit stuck and was hoping for some help. I can't proceed with migrating other PST files to the online archive until I get this resolved.


de.blackman -> RE: Personal Archive, Outlook 2013, and Terminal Server (12.Dec.2013 1:37:09 PM)

Have you tried setting up a new outlook profile on RDS to see if the online archive mailbox shows up?

james175 -> RE: Personal Archive, Outlook 2013, and Terminal Server (12.Dec.2013 1:47:35 PM)

yes.. I have tried that with the same result.

I also manually entered in the server information in case the auto-configuration has something to do with it but again the personal archive does not show up.

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