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We have a W2k12 server with Exchange 2013 Version 15.0 (Build 712.24)installed. Because of problems with upgrading Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 in the past, we have followed a different upgrade path. We have exported and deleted the mailboxes from the users, and delete teh old exchange server. After that we have installed Exchange 2013, and made new mailboxes for the users. Import and all was running well.
We have only one problem with all of our Exchange users Active Sync on different types of Phone. I hope the community can help us.
On Apple devices the mails are downloaded, but the content is nog available. Only the headers are visible. On other devices the mail will be downloaded correctly, but the users cannot send e-mail.
We have checked 8 pages but that did not help us.

OWA is working correctly, Inheritance persmissions in AD are correct.
Remote Connectivity analiser gives all succes.

Error in Eventlog:
Event 4998

The Watson report about to be sent for process id: 14820, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 15.00.0712.012, w3wp#MSExchangeSyncAppPool, MSExchange ActiveSync, Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.OutboundConversionOptions..ctor, UnexpectedCondition:ArgumentException, 47ec, 15.00.0712.024.
ErrorReportingEnabled: True


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