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ImNotThe1 -> Remove Old Exchange Server (22.Dec.2013 12:42:29 AM)

Hello All

I have migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. (SBS 2003 to SBS 2010 migration) I have decommissioned the old 2003 exchange server and removed it from the domain. I have looked in ADSIEdit.msc to see if I can remove the old 2003 Exchange server, it is not there, neither is the Routing Group Connector, this is not there.
In ADSIEdit under the CN=Microsoft Exchange there is CN=Active Directory Connections (which is empty) and then CN=Domain name (the name of the domain I am working with) this has a list of folders under it, none of them referencing the old server.
If I run Get-Exchangeserver in Powershell, I get both the New server and the old server, I am also getting event ID errors 5020 and 5006 in my Application Logs. Mail is flowing fine, but I am not happy with the error logs being generated.
Is there any Powershell command or some other means that I can remove this, as I cannot do it in ADSIEdit?

Thank you.

pjhutch -> RE: Remove Old Exchange Server (24.Dec.2013 5:31:55 AM)

You need to look in the following location in ADSIEDIT

Configuration, Services, Microsoft Exchange, <Org name>, Administrative Groups, <Old site name>, Servers.

ImNotThe1 -> RE: Remove Old Exchange Server (25.Dec.2013 5:09:13 PM)

Thanks Peter for the help, I found the server and removed it.

fifacoins14 -> RE: Remove Old Exchange Server (12.Jan.2014 9:19:44 PM)

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