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iprimo -> Exchange DB - Unmount issue (11.Jan.2014 8:00:31 PM)

Hi Guys,
I am having a major issue with Exchange 2007. The DB does not get mounted.

I ran consistency check against the DB and it failed, I tried to remediate the DB and did not work. Seems the DB has been corrupted from 6 Months ago and Backup software did not truncate the logs since then.

The only solution crosses my mind is to, recover the working DB from 6 Months ago and somehow get Exchange to use the existing Logs to update the EDB ?
Has anyone done this before ?
If Yes, how can I force Exchange to accept the old EDB and get it to update the EDB with the logs?
If No [sigh], any suggests?


Gulab -> RE: Exchange DB - Unmount issue (12.Jan.2014 1:01:22 AM)

What is the error message you are getting when trying to mount the database? Any event in the application log?
Run eseutil /mh on the database and post the result.

MichaelWalter -> RE: Exchange DB - Unmount issue (24.Feb.2014 4:47:32 AM)

Exchange recovery tool is an advance, easy to use and cost effective application to repair and rebuild corrupt or damaged Exchange server database (.edb) file. The software effectively handles all the corruption and Exchange disaster situations. After repairing the damaged database file, you can directly mount it on the server.

andrewdixon -> RE: Exchange DB - Unmount issue (24.Feb.2014 2:42:49 PM)


You may refer to the links below to solve your issue-

Also, you can use any utility tool which helps you out by mounting your EDB files and converting them to PST or just extracting your mailboxes as well.
Get the free trial download of one such tool from the link below-

laurenkerr -> RE: Exchange DB - Unmount issue (25.Dec.2014 5:59:29 AM)

I think this is the best option to export old edb to pst because free demo version also available here so you can test the software features and in trial version you can see the preview of recover or convertible exchange mailbox before purchasing the software.


reneego -> RE: Exchange DB - Unmount issue (27.Dec.2014 5:57:11 AM)

Software That export old edb into pst not a tuff task because there is many solutions available on search engine to export/import/migrate and recover exchange server database so you can read :- http://www.****/****

Jason233 -> RE: Exchange DB - Unmount issue (14.Jul.2016 12:53:40 AM)

I can recommend you with "Cloudbacko Pro" software as it basically gives Multi-destination concurrent backup for MS Exchange Server and it gives best backup .

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