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Tiiticamara -> DAG member data store size are different (24.Jan.2014 6:06:30 AM)

Hello everybody,

I've an Exchange 2010 DAG with 2 members (Ex1, Ex2), And all the Databases Store Drive is D: on each member.

But one day i've noticed the sizes of the drives are differents:

D: drive on Ex1: D: drive on Ex2
total size: 899 GB total size: 899 GB
Free space: 281 GB Free Space: 447 GB

And on the proprieties the drives, "the size on disk" of the drives are slightly the same:

on D: drive of Ex1: 453 GB on D: drive of Ex2: 450 GB

I cannot figure out why the free space on of D: drive of Ex1 is very different from Ex2??

Take a look guys!!! And help me out.

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