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mikeperrett -> Creation of a DAG? (30.Jan.2014 6:01:14 AM)

I'm doing a simple 2 site design of Exchange 2013 that has to include resilience for 80 users max

e.g. London and Birmingham

Plan is to have

1 server in London that has the MBX and CAS roles

1 server in Birmingham that has the MBX and CAS roles

I'll create a LDN-Mailbox and a BGM-Mailbox i.e. one for each server

Then I'll create a DAG for the mailboxes where the LDN-Mailbox is active on London and passive on Birmingham, with the converse being true for the BGM-Mailbox

The Question is, when it comes to creating the DAG, do I still need the witness server because in my view when one server in the cluster fails, there is only one left to take over.

If I do need the witness server, I'm going to need to move one of the CAS servers )probably London) off onto its own Virtual Machine because the Witness server is not supposed to be part of the cluster right?

How do you therefore deal with the Witness server being a single point of failure?

Lastly, I want London users to use the London CAS primarily with the ability to failover to the Birmingham CAS when needed and vice versa for the Birmingham users. Do I need a load balancer or can I get away with using DNS (round robin) for this


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