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Mrb -> Cutover or Stage migration or Hybrid -option (13.Feb.2014 11:06:56 AM)

I have Hybrid deployment with Part of the company will split in new company
I have O365 subscription for company from whom I have deployed  hybrid with sso…
Fro I have created new  O365 subscription. Users have mailboxes on-premises Exchange 2003/2007. All users fro will be migrated to O365 North subscription. Users Account will be left in AD. No SSO is required.
What is best way to move users    that are belonging  to to O365 subscription.
I was looking for stage migration, because it support that I can do that in stage, but I do not need  DirSync or SSO.
Second choice is Cutover, but I do not know, how to make it work as a batch, because  it is saying ALL users , so I can not limit to Only

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