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joeyg2391 -> Replacing original all in one exchange server 2010 (28.Feb.2014 12:06:28 PM)


I currently have exchange 2010 all in one without an Edge Server. The HD is showing signs of failure so i want to move all these services to a new CAS Array and DAG. I know how to set up the DAGs but was confused about the HT and CAS roles. Currently the all in one also has lync 2010 integration which i want to move to the new array. My question is how do i do all of this without interrupting the current setup until im ready to make the switch? Currently i have port forwarding to my exchange server with 25 and 443 tcp ports pointing to it. I will be creating a new exchange certificate using my internal enterprise root CA to point to the new Currently my exchange cert is with sub alternative of and I dont want to mess with my current set up until im finished with this setup. i know my new cert should also have but would that mess with my current setup? Do i install the same cert on the other CAS array member? I now i have to point to the new RPC but i will wait till the end for that. For lync integration, do i uninstall on the current all in one exchange server and install the components on both CAS array members? Do i install the HUB transport role on both CAS Array members and point the natted ip to the CAS array(SSL 443) and (SMTP 25) virtual IP? I know this is a lot but if one of you can assist or point me to a guide i would really appreciate it.


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