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james175 -> Mailboxes appearing in Outlook - unable to remove (7.Apr.2014 1:59:24 PM)

I'm the system admin for our company and I've made a really big headache inducing error and I'd appreciate some assistance. Our Exchange server is Exchange 2010 and I'm using Outlook 2013 client.

A while back I accidentally added my username to the full access rights to everyone's mailbox. When I found this mistake I then had my username removed from all the other user's mailboxes.
Now, however, in my copy of Outlook 2013 I have just about everyone's mailbox listed on the left hand window pane. Those were not there before. I can not see any of their content (as I shouldn't) but now Outlook also takes a really long time to load.

What Powershell command(s) could I use to get all these mailboxes removed from my Outlook. I'm assuming that's the only way to remove all of this since these user entries are not present anywhere in the configuration of Outlook itself.


sebmolendijk -> RE: Mailboxes appearing in Outlook - unable to remove (14.Sep.2014 5:28:32 PM)


This behavior is normal since Exchange 2010.

To avoid having the mailboxes on which you have permissions to mount in Outlook, use the following command in EMS:

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity mailbox_to_access -AccessRights fullaccess -AutoMapping $false -User xxx$false

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