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tenfourzero -> Emails Disappear After AGENTINFO ? (16.Jun.2014 9:40:05 AM)

We have just moved offices and domain, being a small company (<10 users) I did this as a clean install of Exchange 2013 SP1 on Win Server 2012 R2- the following problem occurred from the off on the new server.

Email deliverability seems fine except that we are not receiving NDRs for failed delivery of emails from our web server. This hasn't changed and is therefore not the source of the problem. The return path is bounce@ which is a group for support@ which is group for the support user (me).

In Message Tracking I was seeing the messages with "SourceContext: No suitable shadow servers" & "EventId: HAREDIRECTFAIL" errors. Disabling of Shadow Redundancy has cleared these.

So now the messages come in with EventID of RECEIVE (the email coming in), RESOLVE (resolving the recipient) and then a third log entry of AGENTINFO:

RunspaceId : d666cc75-c98c-42f5-bacd-f2090564b4b8
Timestamp : 12/06/2014 10:08:38
ClientIp :
ClientHostname : mail
ServerIp :
ServerHostname :
SourceContext :
ConnectorId :
Source : AGENT
InternalMessageId : 1662152343578
MessageId : <201406120906.s5C7xUIu003247@web1.OUR-DOMAIN>
Recipients : {bounce@OUR-DOMAIN}
RecipientStatus : {}
TotalBytes : 9513
RecipientCount : 1
RelatedRecipientAddress :
Reference :
MessageSubject : Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours
ReturnPath : <>
Directionality : Incoming
TenantId :
OriginalClientIp : OUR-WEB-SERVER-IP
MessageInfo :
MessageLatency :
MessageLatencyType : None
EventData : {[AMA, SUM|v=0|action=|error=|atch=2], [AMA, EV|engine=M|v=0|sig=1.175.2005.0|name=|file=],
[CompCost, |AMA=0], [DeliveryPriority, Normal]}

The emails then disappear?

I noticed the empty return-path but have disabled all antispam features that I can see through the EMC.

We run Kaspersky Security 8.0 which I have (temporarily) disabled and configured it to keep copies of emails when deleting/rejecting. There is no sign of them in there and that handles emails before they reach Exchange so I'm confident this is not the issue.

Other emails show the same transaction log as this, with the AGENT/AGENTINFO, but are followed by SMTP/SEND & STOREDELIVER/DELIVER logs, so I assume this isn't a unique stamp referring to an error.

Looking at this article on mailflow it appears the emails are disappearing between the Transport Service and the Mailbox Server (stage 5) as stage 4 is the last entry in the log?

I realise there is CU5 available but I was holding off on that before due to history of updates introducing further problems.

Thanks for any advice.

tenfourzero -> RE: Emails Disappear After AGENTINFO ? (7.Jul.2014 9:31:14 AM)

As AGENTINFO was the last actioned hop, it transpired the address wasn't being resolved/expanded.

The end recipient was added as a co-owner and non-delivery reports sent to the owner/s, mail flow was then triggered as expected.

This was resolved directly with Microsoft support and no explanation was provided why this fixed it.

May help someone in the future ...

tbird2340 -> RE: Emails Disappear After AGENTINFO ? (23.Nov.2015 3:15:50 PM)

Did this get resolved for you? We have the same thing happening..

Company has a 2013 Exchange server and a 2007 Exchange server.. They are using Modus for filtering.. Modus points to the 2013..

A user got his quarantine report and released a message, however, he never received it.. Modus looked in the logs and showed that it was delivered to the 2013 server.

Looked in the message tracking logs of the 2007 server as that's where this user's mailbox resides and the message is not there..

Ran message tracking in the shell of the 2013 server and see the HAREDDIRECTFAIL - No Suitable Shadow servers followed by a AGENTINFO..

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