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danb21t -> Activesync redirection (21.Jul.2014 1:33:06 PM)

Hi all,

I have an interesting but frustrating problem. We have a Exchange 2010 DAG which is installed in the same domain but at two different sites, which are linked via a VPN. The idea is if we have a site outage/internet failure then the DAG can failover and users aren't the wiser from an email perspective.

Everything works well except for ActiveSync which has an issue.

For example, Site A has and Site B has
When the DAG fails onto Site B the ActiveSync devices are redirected to, however when Site A comes back online and the databases are put back into their first preferred location the URLs do not failed back and all remain at which then means the devices stop working.

This is very frustrating and I cant work out why it redirects in one direction but not back.

I have inspected all logs and cannot see anything obvious, I can see the 451 requests in the IIS logs and this is indicative of the incorrect URL but still it doesn't update.

Does anyone have any similar experience and or help. This is obviously gratefully received.


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