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geg -> Shared Mailbox Issues (4.Aug.2014 10:22:09 AM)

I created a new user mailbox that I then assigned both full access & send
as permissions to for 2 users that already exist. However 2 issues:

1. New mailbox won't showup in global address book, did I miss something to
public it?

2. When I test send mail to this user from outlook, when I hit send it
displays a popup box asking which of the 2 users I assigned access to I wish to
send the message to. I want it to goto both users shared folder for this mailbox
automatically not ask who to send it to. The mailbox does showup in both of the
users outlook.

amanda_lakai -> RE: Shared Mailbox Issues (5.Aug.2014 5:20:37 AM)

This can happen if the 'hide from address book' is checked. First of all, uncheck it.

To download new offline address book, follow the given steps:
For Outlook 2007: Tools -> Send\Receive -> Download Address Book -> OK.
For Outlook 2010: Send/Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Download Address Book > OK.

somi -> RE: Shared Mailbox Issues (12.Sep.2014 2:19:08 AM)

Basically you need a proxy for SSL traffic. Read the article referenced and it is worthwhile attmpting mitmproxy. Otherwise something like Squid Proxy might work as well.

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