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edtraviles -> Hub transport server redundancy query (14.Aug.2014 12:41:55 PM)

Hi. I wonder if anyone could answer a question about hub tranpsport server redundancy, specifioally whether Healthy Server Selector or an equivalent works for messages outbound to the internet, as well as for messages bound for other AD sites?

The environment is Exchange Server 2010 SP3, based in a single AD site.

- There are 2 hub transport servers.
- There is 1 send connector, configured to forward outbound mail to a smart host.
- The send connector is configured to use only 1 of the 2 hub transport servers, so if that server fails, manual intervention will be needed to restore service (at least, in respect of messsages bound for the internet).
- I want to add the second hub transport server to the send connector, on the assumption that outbound traffic will be loadbalanced between the two servers.

I'm trying to establish whether, if I do this, and the Exchange Transport Service then fails at some later time on one of the hub tranport servers (but the server itself remains online), Exchange will detect this and use only the other hub transport server for outbound mail? Or will it continue to try to use both, resulting in delivery failures for about half the messages?

I know Healthy Server Selector will handle this for messages bound for hub transport servers in other AD sites, but will it do the same for messages bound for the internet (via a smart host)? I can't find an explicit statement to this effect. If anyone can tell me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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