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omgitsjocke -> Issue: New-MailboxExportRequest -contentfilter {To -eq ''} (1.Sep.2014 1:42:38 AM)

Hi guys!
I have an issue with the mailboxexport command. I wanna export only mail to a specific alias address in a mailbox.
If the primary address is and the alias is

I have tried a bunch of different commands, using -contentfilter with both 'To' and 'Participants'
For example, and with both 'To' and 'Participants'. I've used both EQ and NE. I tried both useralias and userprimary-address.
{To -EQ ''}
{To -EQ ""}
{To -EQ '**'}
{To -EQ "**"}
{To -EQ '<>'}

However only NE will export mail at all. Example:
{To -NE ""}
{To -NE ""}
These commands will retrieve ALL mail in the mailbox... Am I doing something wrong?

We have a hosted Exchange 2010 SP3 RU4.

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