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ken_nx -> Need password to open Outlook (Exchange mode with cache mode ON) (4.Sep.2014 9:16:20 PM)

Dear All

I work in a large organization, every staff has a private Exchange A/C, but my department only create domain A/C for the team but not for individual staff. This makes the problem: other staff in the team can login to my desktop PC, they can open Outlook and check the cached message, which could be private including kind of pay-slips and performance appraisals.

As a very bottom level staff of the department, it is impossible to ask for a domain A/C for every staff, the Cached mode is also essential to search emails efficiently. I must login to that domain A/C (which is for the whole team) in order to use the network drives and launch programs so that I can work. With the above restrictions, how could I protect the cached messages in outlook? Windows 8 and Office 2010

Searched some sites and some advised to use bitlocker, but I have encrypted the whole C: and found no option to set security to the cached message folder.

Is there any 3rd party applications which could simply require user to input password to open outlook? Or need to encrypt the OST folder?


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