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serverman73 -> Ex2010SP2 -> Ex2013 (13.Sep.2014 10:39:46 AM)

Greetings All,

My organization is one domain, and we currently only have on Ex2010SP2 server. It is quite a mess with more databases then I believe should exist. Also, things are not configured correctly.

I want to migrate from Ex2010 to Ex2013. What is the best & safest way to accomplish this? I would like to be able to:

1. Make the transition seamless to users
2. I would like to move a subset of users as a test, prior to migrating everyone (we have about 2000 users).

Can anyone provide any advice / or where I can get step-by-step directions?

Thanks In Advance

ronniepaul -> RE: Ex2010SP2 -> Ex2013 (3.Feb.2015 3:46:02 AM)


Step by step procedure to perform the migration is described in this youtube video.Hope it will be helpful for you


Ronnie Paul

mackdoyal -> RE: Ex2010SP2 -> Ex2013 (16.Feb.2015 5:04:17 AM)

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