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raghukuna15 -> Cant view Mailbox in EMC(Exchange 2010) (22.Sep.2014 5:35:30 PM)

Hi All,
I have installed Exch2010 SP3 with all the roles in one server(Server 2008 R2), verified that all things are going good.
Now in a member server(Server 2008 R2) i have installed only Hub Transport Role and verified the working condition.
Post installing HUB role in member server i have installed MBX and CAS roles in the same member server. But i dont see any option for Mailbox and CAS in EMC. I cant see any Server Configuration option in EMC. Even i cant see any options for mailboxes properties under Recipient Configuration.
I am not able to run any Exchange Commands in EMS as well.
My question is whether i can install HUB role first and then MBX/CAS later in a member server or not?
If not, how can i get the features of MBX and CAS in member server? Whether i need to do a fresh install of Exch2010 or any alternate option i can get?

Thankyou in advance.


raghukuna15 -> RE: Cant view Mailbox in EMC(Exchange 2010) (23.Sep.2014 3:53:39 AM)

Issue got resolved.
Adding the user account in "Group Policy Creator Owner" and "Organization Management" groups as a member.


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