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bvanderpool -> New to HA (25.Sep.2014 2:25:10 PM)

I currently have a single 2010 server with all roles and want to add a
second for redundancy. I see that the cas array and dag can not be on
the same machines unless using a hardware load balancer but I am curious
if they can be on the same physical box if making them virtual machines?
Also which option seems to work better?
any info is appreciated, thanks

pjhutch -> RE: New to HA (26.Dec.2014 1:41:35 PM)

YEs, you can use virtualization to split roles onto separate VMs. You can use Hyper-V or VMWare with Exchange 2010.

FlorentDuret -> RE: New to HA (14.Feb.2015 2:30:53 AM)

You can have two VM with all roles on each.
Of course this is better to have each VM on two different physical hosts.

Because if you have both VM on the same physical host and this host has an issue (network or whatever)... you are stuck.

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