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Hello, first time setting up an Exchange server. I just now installed Exchange server 2010 on a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with Server 2008 R2 installed. I am officially lost as to what to expect exactly from the Exchange server. My prime objective is to share MS Outlook 2013 calendars, but the added benefit of a centralized email server is nice too. I know there are alternatives to sharing calendars in Outlook, but they are cumbersome and unfriendly to work with.

My current concerns:

1. Will we still use the same email addresses provided by our email service provider or will I have to create new email addresses in Exchange?

2. During the installation, it asked me to enter the domain name you will use with your external Client Access servers. I put our current email domain address there, Is that correct or should I have put our domain name or even something else?

3. I called our email service provider and stated we now have an exchange server, if they had any additional details to provide us, such as a mail server address to enter in our exchange server, etc., but she said she had no ideal and that they were not trained in that area. Great! I said, that makes two of us.

To be honest, the email portion of Exchange is not that important to our small business currently. We would like to share our calendars in Outlook 2013, and Outlook states that we can share them if we have MS Exchange.

So, does anyone know if it’s possible to just setup the ability to share calendars without successfully configuring the “mail” portion of Exchange? I mean this is worst case scenario, as I hope to configure the mail successfully.

Thank you

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