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holian -> Certificate error when try to send mail (10.Oct.2014 6:57:28 AM)


I need help to fix my problem. I know there are many post with this but i can't figure out.
We had a working enviroment with no certificate issue. I tried to set the Outlook Anywhere, and so i messed up something. Now if user open outlook and send / or reply a mail got a certificate error message.
I read that i need valid certification from certification providers, but we have no problem with this settings and certs till i did not screw up something.

I don't care Outlook Anyhere anymore but i need to fix my issue...

Certification error message: (i have no access to upload image, so i used pasteboard, sorry)


This is how exchange certs looks like:


The problem is occure when start outlook and start or reply a mail. Certfication error pop-up, and inside the message windows on the Certification Chain tab i see: "mydomain".local

When i try to configure outlook anywhere i create and enable new certificate. I think when i did this i have to allow owerrite some service... I deleted that certification already.

If i install the cert to root CA, then works ok. But i don't want to install it all our server, because its workd earlier.
How can i fix this?
What did i mess up?

I tried to compare an other SBS server and i see no difference (this sever has more cert but other thing is same..).

Thank you for any help.

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