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inactivated2k -> Outlook Issue, Following Exchange 2013 Migration (24.Oct.2014 11:25:36 AM)

Hey Everyone,

We are in the process of migrating our user base from Exchange 2007 to 2013; I'm running in to an issue with some of my users who have multiple exchange accounts in outlook after the migration process, the users have the following characteristics.

Outlook 2010 SP2
Exchange 2013 Primary Mailbox
Secondary Exchange 2013 Mailbox, connected as a secondary exchange account in outlook.

Since migrating to Exchange 2013; the secondary mailbox displays the following warning when I try to open it, this happens for any mailbox I add as a secondary exchange account.

Cannot Expand the folder, the set of folders cannot be opened. You must connect to Microsoft Exchange using the current user profile before you can synchronize your folders with your outlook data file (.ost).

It's almost like outlook isn't passing through credentials properly; the user has full access to the mailbox we are trying to add, so why the error?

If I add the mailbox via the following method: Account Settings > More Settings > Advanced the user can open the mailbox without issue; however this presents other problems from them, in terms of send items going to the wrong places, tasks issues and a number of other things they don't like.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

geraldsmith -> RE: Outlook Issue, Following Exchange 2013 Migration (31.Oct.2014 7:05:08 AM)

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vivianhaley -> RE: Outlook Issue, Following Exchange 2013 Migration (5.Nov.2014 6:15:37 AM)

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admoranphilip -> RE: Outlook Issue, Following Exchange 2013 Migration (14.Jul.2015 12:29:01 AM)

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