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jve -> How to export data to another mailbox (27.Oct.2014 7:45:39 AM)

Hi all,
In Exchange 2010 it was possible to export data of mailbox A to mailbox B with the ps command Export-Mailbox -Identity -TargetMailbox -TargetFolder Joe
In Exchange 2013, you can't use the "export-Mailbox" cmdlet anymore, but you have to use the "new-MailboxExportRequest".

As far as i found, with the new-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet it is not possible to export directly into another mailbox as we did before, but you can only export to PST.

Of course i can export to PST and than import the pst in the target mailbox, but that's a bit devious.

Who knows a method to move / copy the complete content of one mailbox to a (subfolder in) another mailbox?

Searched for hours now, but still didn't find the right method. So any help will be very welcome.

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