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Haas71 -> Allow a user to send mass email Exch 2013 (4.Nov.2014 11:03:04 AM)

I am not very familiar with Exchange 2013. I've been researching this and going through the Exchange 2013 ECP, but can't find where I can change this. I have a user, "who did not create a distribution list" who is trying to reply back to 150 external users for an engineering project. When he sends a reply back, all messages in the Exchange queue go showing delayed, then get bounced back as can't deliver message delayed. But when he breaks the email up into 25 users at a time, the email goes through. Of course he said this worked last month. We haven't made any changes to the Exchange 2013 SP1 server. We are running a Barracuda antispam firewall, but when he tries to send the email with the 150 users, it doesn't even show up in the firewall. It's like it's not making it that far. But when he breaks up the email user counts, it shows up in the outgoing display in the Barracuda. Is there a way I can allow this user to send email to all the external recipients?

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