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pauldyball@hotmail.c -> UM Service wont start after install (6.Nov.2014 8:46:33 AM)


we have Exchange 2010 SP2 RU2 sitting on an 2008R2 SP1 server. The Exchange server has the CAS and HUB role installed and am trying to install the UM role as well.

Once i install the UM role (without errors) the finalising stage takes ages because the service cannot be started.

In the event log i have Event ID 1038:

"The Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging service was unable to start. More information: "Microsoft.Exchange.UM.UMService.UMServiceException: The worker process didn't start in the allotted time.
at Microsoft.Exchange.UM.UMService.UMService.StartService()
at Microsoft.Exchange.UM.UMService.UMService.OnStartInternal(String[] args)"

and Event ID 1430:

"The Unified Messaging server shut down process umservice (PID=7588) because a fatal error occurred."

any insight would be helpful.

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