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bozard -> Exchange 2013 Database System Mailbox Deleted (7.Nov.2014 7:52:37 AM)

Long story short, all system mailbox accounts were deleted.

I recreated the typical system mailbox accounts with the setup.exe /PrepareAD.

Problem is, the system mailboxes that are unique to the Database are also gone and need recreated. These system accounts are NOT recreated when rerunning the setup etc.

All mail flow outbound to other databases or email accounts outside of the organization have stopped. All inbound email is still working.

How do I recreate these accounts?

The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service was unable to process jobs in a mailbox database.
Database: ******
Error: Couldn't find system mailbox '49420906-3123-4a3e-bf1e-b9f3f607801a' in Active Directory.

I have three databases missing their accounts.

Thank you in advance!

bozard -> RE: Exchange 2013 Database System Mailbox Deleted (7.Nov.2014 4:10:37 PM)


The objects deleted were painfully re-added via the ADSI manually. I created a new Database to see what content needed added to the msExchSystemMailbox object I recreated.
The only missing attribute that I couldn't add, that was extremely important was the msExchMailboxGuid. This was retrieved from looking at a previous point of time via a restored VM.

Using LDP.EXE and ADRestore.Net did not show this deleted object. This only showed user and computer objects. The msExchSystemMailbox object is not either or these. Hence the manual restore via ADSI (The only way )



ericagillian -> RE: Exchange 2013 Database System Mailbox Deleted (8.Nov.2014 6:09:26 AM)

Exchange server disasters may make the precious Information store data including User mailboxes out-of-bound for users. Such situations require immediate intervention from Exchange administrators as unavailability of user mailboxes and precious business data contend therein may cause severe damage to the organization.

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