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JUMPURS -> Phone Auto Populate Settings? (8.Nov.2014 6:43:19 AM)


is there a way to configure the exchange so when you put in your email address and password, it fills in the rest of the details like username and server itself?

I have configured outlook anywhere through the ecp and i have a certificate, but it always needs to be manually configured on the phone?

Any help is much appreciated.

JUMPURS -> RE: Phone Auto Populate Settings? (8.Nov.2014 8:09:40 AM)

What the problem seemed to be was because our email addresses are not the same as our UPN.

The workaround rather than changing all the UPN's is to acrually add a second email address onto the user that is and on the phones when they ask for email address, if they put in it works fine.

Stevee07 -> RE: Phone Auto Populate Settings? (23.Oct.2015 1:02:23 AM)


This is useful information. Interesting Ideas. Thanks

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