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trexuphigh -> Shared contacts list functionality (11.Dec.2014 12:03:51 PM)

We are migrating from an Exch2007/outlook 2007 environment to a Exch2013/outlook2013 w/ ios and android thrown into the mix.

One issue we ran into is that we have a contacts list in an exch2007 public folder. we require that this list be available for mail merge in Word (I believe it has to be an address book) and as a contact list on smartphones. We exported the contact list from the public folders, and created a new mailbox which the users have set up on the smart phones as a contacts only mailbox. However we hate having issues setting up a shared contacts or additional mailbox contacts as an addressbook in outlook. As anyone found a way around this? The solutions for tweaking the mail profile that worked for outlook 2007 do not seem to work in 2013.

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